19-in-1 Tool

This 19 in 1 tool is another great mini workshop by Swiss+Tech®. Made from solid stainless steel it is precision crafted and the screwdriver tips meet ANSI standards.
It has a patented quick release mechanism that securely locks onto a key ring but is also ideal for purse, glove box or rucksack.
Features include: -
¼ inch Hex Wrench, 7/16 inch Hex Wrench
#0 Flat Screwdriver,#1 Flat Screwdriver,#2 Flat Screwdriver
#0 Phillips Screwdriver,#1 Phillips Screwdriver,#2 Phillips Screwdriver
Wire Cutter, Stripper,Crimper
Nail File
Hand Drill
Bottle Opener
Inches Ruler + Extensio
Mm Ruler + Extension