Spoke lit Bicycle Lights



When the light is poor, Nite Ize See'Ems turn bicycle wheels from "hard to spot" to "impossible to miss." Easy to attach and reposition and moulded of tough, durable plastic, they're backed with stainless steel clips specially designed to snap securely onto oval, round, and bladed (flat) bicycle spokes. A bright, long-lasting LED (powered by a replaceable lithium battery) is activated by a simple twist, and can be seen in even the darkest night to keep you seen and safe while riding your bike. Not only that—when the wheels are spinning, See'Ems create the ultra-attention-getting effect of a moving circle of light. Use one or several on each wheel to create your own signature bands of colour. Bright Red LED illumination Twist on/off Glow mode – compact, convenient illumination Battery Run time: 24 Hours Includes easily replaceable battery – CR 927 3V Lithium Weather resistant Easy to attach and remove on most common spoke types – oval, round and bladed (flat) Product Dimensions: 1" x 1" x .75" (single unit) Weight: .18 oz (single unit) Supplied as Twin Pack NOT FOR USE WITH CARBON SPOKES